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Give all your employees access to affordable and balanced food with the Healthy Membership Program!

Because Healthy Employees are Happy Employees!

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The Healthy Membership Program is a non-taxable employee perk that rewards balanced eating with more purchasing power! It is the cheaper and guaranteed healthier alternative to meal vouchers, built on the Unbox platform.


Users of the Healthy Membership Program get a 20% discount topped at 60 euros per month on products with A/B Nutri-Score in almost 800 Delhaize points of sale

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Benefits for employers

1. No social security contributions

2. Non taxable employee benefit

3. Fully deductible from corporate tax

4. No emission costs, no admin costs, no commissions

5. Easy implementation with full marketing support included

Benefits for employees

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1. Purchasing power increase of up to 720 euros per year

2. Fully digital, no card needed

3. No benefits in kind, fully free perk

4. Combinable with the Delhaize loyalty system

5. Easy sign up in a couple of clicks

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Contact sales

Giving your employees affordable access to balanced food is easier than ever with the Healthy Membership Program! Let us handle all your employee activation while you enjoy the benefits of a healthier workplace. Contact Marc Ferlet (FR/UK) and Cindy Ibens (NL) at Unbox now!


Healthy Membership Program explained!

The creation of the Healthy Membership Program


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Healthy Membership Program?

The Healthy Membership Program is an employee perk that gives employees increased purchasing power when buying fresh products and items with A/B Nutri-Score in each of the almost 800 Delhaize points of sale across Belgium. It is the result of a collaboration between Unbox and Delhaize who share the goal of making it easier and more affordable for people to eat more balanced.

Why do my employees need to be part of the Healthy Membership Program?

The Healthy Membership Program gives your employees the nudge they need to switch to healthy habits without having to sacrifice their wallet. Moreover, it falls in line with our belief that access to balanced and affordable food should be a basic human right.

How is it different from meal vouchers?

The Healthy Membership Program:

  • is easy to use: the user only has to register for SuperPlus

  • has no conditions on eligibility: no limits because of illness, holiday, weekends...

  • can only be used to buy healthy foods

  • is created to change behaviour

  • can be combined with the classic meal vouchers

  • costs only 5 euros excluding vat per employee per month versus an average cost of 6 euros per meal voucher per employee per working day

How much does it cost me?

The Healthy Membership Program costs 5 euro excluding vat per month per employee. Employees participating in the Healthy Membership Program get a 20% discount on products with A/B Nutri-Score in each of the almost 800 Delhaize points of sale across Belgium, with a maximum discount of 60 euros per month! In short: the Healthy Membership Program turns 12 x 5 euro per month into potentially 720 euros additional healthy purchasing power!

What kind of set up and maintenance do I have to do to run this for my employees?

All you need to do is sign the contract, register your employees and we take care of all internal communications, employee activation and support.

What if my some of my employees do not live near a Delhaize?

Healthy Membership Program only works at the Delhaize stores across Belgium!

Will you help with communications and onboarding for my employees?

Yes, we are there to support your internal communications and employee onboarding. All you must do is sign the contract.

Is the membership digital or is there a physical card?

The Healthy Membership Program is a fully digital product with no physical card. However, it is linked to Delhaize’s SuperPlus program and can thus also be used with the SuperPlus card.

If one of my employees leaves the company when does their membership end?

Their membership ends at the end of the contract. For example, if your employee leaves in the middle of the 12 month period, the employee can benefit from the Healthy Membership Program for the remaining 6 months.

How successful has the Healthy Membership Program been in the past in terms of employee satisfaction and behavioural change?

The predecessor of the Healthy Membership Program - the Healthy Ucoins 1.0 - has been very successful. Participants consistently purchased more Nutri-Score A/B products, and 1 out of 3 users changed their habits to a healthier diet. Also checkout

Can I start the program at any given date or are there fixed start dates?

The program always starts at the beginning of a month. Beyond that, start dates can be chosen for any month of the year.

Do you have similar products in other domains I can offer as well?

For information on our other wellbeing products, please email Marc or Saskia with your requirements and we will get in touch with you.

What is the (para)fiscal status of Healthy Membership Program?

The Healthy Membership Program benefits from a government ruling covering the three areas below:

  • social security: no contributions

  • employee tax: non taxable benefit

  • corporate tax: fully deductible

Why does it only work at Delhaize?

In September 2018, Delhaize introduced the Nutri-Score nutrition label in its stores, which makes it easier for people to make more balanced food choices. Delhaize is the first company in Europe to increase the purchasing power for nutritious products and thus the only retailer that offers Healthy Membership Program now.

What does it cost my employees?

The Healthy Membership Program is completely free for employees. Most importantly, the Healthy Membership Program is not a benefit in kind.


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