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Join a dynamic team with decades of experience and a passion for doing well by doing good.

We are a purpose driven software company.

Unbox works to make the world a better place by providing transparency and efficiency to global funding and financing flows. From stimulus checks to humanitarian aid, our software improves financial wellbeing and sustainability.


We build great products and find strength in our differences.


As a remote first office we thrive as a borderless team not restricted by geographical boundaries.


We cultivate strong relationships with partners who share our passion for making the world a better place. 

Discover our partners.


We don’t look at who you are, but what you do and who you can become.

Read our values.


We think outside the box and innovate with products that improve financial wellbeing and sustainability.

Learn more about our products.

Our beliefs will always guide us.

Learn more about our mission and beliefs.




Equal opportunity

We believe in equal opportunity because it is the only guarantee for lasting peace.

Helicopter money

We believe "helicopter money" does not work to activate economic activity and desired consumption.

Labor and capital

We challenge the idea that labor and capital should always be rewarded in capital.

Rewarding behavior

We adhere to the logic that governments, employers, and brands should positively reward desired changes in behavior.

Meet the team

Get to know the team and find out why we are all motivated to change the future for the better!

Product Management

“Working at Unbox has given me many  opportunities to hone my skills with new projects that have a meaningful impact on the world. ”



Innovative team

Head of Product

“At Unbox everyone's ideas are valued, nothing is off limits. As a team we constantly innovate and improve our solutions to better serve the world around us.”


Project Management

“As a mother of two children, I’m deeply invested in making the world they live in a better place. By working at Unbox, I can directly participate in creating that future for them.”

Talent growth


Why Unbox?

remote first office

Remote? No problem!

Don’t let location restrict you. With Unbox, you can work from anywhere. If you feel you’re right for the job, apply! No matter where you live.

Efficient growth

Rapid career development

We encourage everyone to develop their skill sets by working together on projects, brainstorming new innovations and thinking outside the box!

Unbox the Universe

Be part of the change

We're just getting started. Join us to help make a difference!

Do not see a role that fits you?

Send us an email to see where you could work with us

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