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Image by Helena Lopes


We CARE about...

  1. Dedication, speed and punctuality 

  2. Simplifying without compromise  

  3. Rights, obligations and responsibilities 

  4. Your attitude and ability to get the job done right 

  5. Your enthusiasm, innovation and drive to explore

  6. Camaraderie

  7. Equality, ethics and respect for others 

  8. Passion for making positive change 

  9. Adaptability and lateral thinking 

  10. Optimism and ambition 

We do NOT CARE about...

  1. Your socio-economic background

  2. Your family name

  3. The color of your skin

  4. Your gender or who you love

  5. How old you are and feel

  6. The number of degrees you hold

  7. What you look like

  8. Who you vote for

  9. What your hobbies are

  10. The experience you have

Most of all, we care about people and society

And what you will add to Unboxing the challenges they face

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