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Unbox shines at the Digital SME Summit – Award winning innovation!

We are honored to announce that Unbox has been awarded at the Digital SME Awards, standing out as a beacon of innovation in community technology. The ceremony took place in Brussels, the European Union (EU) Hub, at the European Economic and Social Committee during the Digital SME Summit. In the presence of over 250 participants and interventions from high-level EU professionals on current digital trends and priorities, Unbox was recognized by the European Digital SME Alliance - the largest network of ICT SMEs in Europe, representing more than 45,000 enterprises in total - for its remarkable societal contribution achieved through Unbox Recovery. We thank our peers for this recognition, and we are excited to foster new partnerships in the digital world!

About Unbox Recovery

Unbox Recovery presents a digital wallet that offers financial incentives to opioid patients participating in recovery therapy programs in Gary, Indiana (USA). This service facilitates swift, transparent, and trackable distribution of incentives in the form of programmable tokens, the Ucoin, thereby promoting financial inclusion, especially for the unbanked. Unbox Recovery’s initiative improves recovery rates, stimulates local economies, and contributes to reduced healthcare expenses. This in turn contributes to the wellbeing of societies in general.Contact William Arthey for more information around this project.

FaithWorks on Gary: Relentless Faith Series

Coming up next… We are firm believers in giving funding a memory and a conscience thanks to bright digital solutions and efficient collaborations.This award motivates the Unbox team to pursue its demonstrated efforts in enabling efficient funding mechanisms and positive behaviors across communities in Europe (and beyond) and in various sectors. Through our projects, we are eager to work with policymakers, tech savvies, innovators, and investors to contribute to the European Digital New Deal for the next EU mandate.

2023 Banking Tech Awards Finalists - FinTech for Good


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