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Why Every Start-up Needs Some Beliefs

Quotes do something great with some beliefs

Every idea needs a set of beliefs to stand on. Beliefs inform the decisions we make, they define the direction we head to, they carve out our mission, our vision and ultimately, the way in which we want the world to look. In that sense, every step along the way is wholly directed at converting beliefs into reality.

Unbox is founded on four simple beliefs:

Equal opportunity. We all inhabit the same planet and are entitled to the same treatment and opportunities regardless of our race, socio-economic background, gender, age or sexual preference. Preserving that basic equality is the only viable way to ensure long term peace. In fact, when you look at any major paradigm shift in recorded history, it was caused or accelerated by structural inequalities. Peace is something we all want and equality of opportunity is the only way to get there and stay there.

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Challenging the notion that labor and capital should always be rewarded in capital. We call this a challenge for a reason. The idea that all remuneration has to occur in the form of capital has been ingrained in our minds for centuries. But good ideas are not always ones that last, and we must always look at tradition with a critical eye rather than nostalgic one.

Rewarding good behaviours, not penalising them. This one is crucial. We believe that people don’t perform under the threat of punishment but on the possibility of reward. Our daily lives are already filled with the threat of punishment. As it is, the average person’s life is defined by too many punishments and too few reward. In school, there is no reward for success but there is certainly punishment for failure.

We believe in increasing purchasing power but we don’t believe in ‘helicopter money’. Just like capital and labor should not always be remunerated in capital, mere cash handouts rarely manage to do the jobs they are intended for. Instead, using directive spending methods ensures the correct use of subsidies.

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These four beliefs constitute the building blocks of our entire business, they are the “raison d’être” of Unbox. In other words, without them Unbox would have no reason to be. An idea cannot exist without beliefs but belief often precedes an idea. Unbox is no exception to that rule. Neither are you. So before you get building, start believing.

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