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The Future of Diamonds: Unbox's Role in Promoting Sustainability and Trust

Unbox is proud to lead the charge among the tech world, contributing to a more transparent diamond industry. Our commitment is to enhance industry-wide ESG standards and contribute meaningfully to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Value Through the Ages: The New Paradigm for Diamonds


Diamonds have long been cherished as symbols of enduring wealth, just like other treasured assets passed down through generations or traded over time. With the new G7/EU guidelines, we now view diamonds through a lens of 'Good' or 'Bad.' 'Good' diamonds continue to be valuable assets that can be traded, insured, and cherished, while 'Bad' diamonds, tainted by conflict, lose their value and serve as stark reminders of the past. Engaging with 'Bad' diamonds will lead to financial and trading barriers, rendering them essentially valueless.


Antwerp Forever: Shaping the Future of Diamonds


Rooted in the heart of Antwerp, Unbox is deeply committed to upholding the declaration and ensuring the global diamond industry is prepared for the future. Antwerp has always been a pivotal center for the diamond trade, and together with the Belgian Federal and Regional Governments, Unbox is dedicated to supporting both the local and global diamond communities.

A Pledge for Purity: The G7/EU Diamond Declaration

The focus of the G7/EU declaration and its ensuing laws is a comprehensive ban on Russian diamonds. This includes all diamonds, whether rough or polished, natural or synthetic, and regardless of how they are presented or where they are processed.

"We will introduce import restrictions on non-industrial diamonds, mined, processed, or produced in Russia, by January 1, 2024, followed by further phased restrictions on the import of Russian diamonds processed in third countries targeting March 1, 2024. To further the effectiveness of these measures, those G7 members who are major importers of rough diamonds will establish a robust traceability-based verification and certification mechanism for rough diamonds within the G7 by September 1, 2024, and we will continue to consult with partners, including producing and manufacturing countries on its design and implementation. We will continue consultations among G7 members and with other partners including producing countries as well as manufacturing countries for comprehensive controls for diamonds produced and processed in third countries on measures for traceability."


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For those keen on delving deeper into these initiatives and their implications for the diamond industry, further information can be found through the following resources:

By leading with transparency, ethical sourcing, and sustainable practices, Unbox not only upholds its leadership in the diamond sector but also ensures a future where the diamond trade is synonymous with responsibility and trust.


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