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Unbox Recovery Wins Prestigious Banking Tech Award

30th November - Royal Lancaster Hotel, London

Unbox Addiction has triumphed at the Banking Tech Awards, securing recognition in the esteemed category of 'Fintech for Good.' The prestigious accolade celebrates excellence in banking and fintech, acknowledging innovative solutions that drive positive societal impact. The award was won by Unbox's groundbreaking project, Unbox Recovery, a revolutionary endeavor designed to tackle the opioid crisis plaguing the United States.

The opioid epidemic remains a critical public health concern, with devastating consequences for individuals, families, and communities nationwide. In response to this crisis, Unbox Recovery devised an ingenious digital wallet solution aimed at incentivizing active participation in therapy programs among opioid patients. With opioids implicated in a staggering 75% of drug overdose deaths in 2020. The heart of Unbox's initiative lies in Contingency Management (CM), a behavioral intervention that offers rewards for measurable steps towards recovery.

Unbox's digital wallet emerges as a transformative solution, addressing these challenges head-on. By leveraging cutting-edge fintech technology, Unbox facilitates the swift and transparent distribution of incentives, aiding in the fight against the opioid crisis. The platform provides financial access to patients, especially the unbanked, through a secure and user-friendly interface, ensuring their comfort and willingness to adopt the technology.

Key to Unbox's approach is its use of Ucoin tokens, programmable with specific RuleSets dictating their earning and spending parameters within a closed-loop system. This not only fosters financial inclusion but also promotes economic empowerment within local communities. Privacy and security are paramount, addressed through cryptographically secure self-sovereign identity management. This not only safeguards individuals' privacy but also ensures complete traceability of funds and transactions without compromising sensitive data.

Unbox are the first company to be nominated twice in the same category, with the second nomination being from Unbox Urban Mining, a groundbreaking initiative at the forefront of transforming waste management's value framework through innovative fintech incentives. It tackles critical areas such as litter collection, Deposit Return Schemes (DRS), and Extended Producer Responsibility systems, aiming to raise awareness about combatting the pervasive "throw-away culture." , this underscores Unbox's unparalleled dedication to driving meaningful change through technology.

Unbox's success at the Banking Tech Awards stands as a testament to its commitment to leveraging fintech for societal good. In an era where technology and compassion converge, Unbox's visionary approach heralds a new dawn in fintech—one driven by empathy, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Unbox Addiction's triumph at the Banking Tech Awards is not merely an acknowledgment of their past achievements but a testament to their ongoing commitment to shaping a better, more inclusive future for all.

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