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Keep 😈 Out Of 💰

What is our Vision, Mission, and Ambition?


We want to re-build societies by harnessing the generosity of others. In doing so, we make it as simple and straightforward as possible to give support to those who need it most. As a global community, it is rarely the case that we are lacking funds, though if we judge ourselves by the results of that funding, you would think we were. Money goes on a journey when travelling from benefactor to beneficiary. Unfortunately, this journey is riddled with false-friends, potholes, and unknown enemies. At Unbox, we let the Ucoin do the heavy lifting, allowing money to travel where it is needed most.


Money is not inherently evil, but often brings out the worst in us. Until now it has been holding us back. In an ideal world, we would all control our vices and money would flourish as the force for good it is meant to be. At Unbox, we have tasked ourselves with ensuring that money remains protected and unmolested while on its travels.


We create closed loop systems that can only be navigated by Ucoins. These virtual value carriers allow us to pave the way for money to travel hassle-free. In this sense, money is able to reach its full potential with the help of the Ucoin, supporting the most vulnerable in society and/or tackling the global challenges. We have already used the Ucoin to help rebuild local SMEs battered by the pandemic, clean up the streets using the goodwill of citizens and allow individuals to make healthier eating choices. Now, we’re building the world’s first low/no code platform for 100% efficacy fund distribution, so that all third-party funders can make their good grace go further and Keep Evil Out Of Money.

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