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Delhaize and Unbox launch the Healthy Membership Program

A revolutionary concept for organizations to create extra purchasing power and to encourage their staff to eat a more balanced diet.

Brussels - The objective of Delhaize and Unbox's new Healthy Membership Program concept is to increase purchasing power and promote a balanced diet. Staff at participating organizations enjoy a 20% discount on Nutri-Score A and B products. It’s not only the best way to help people to opt for balanced products more, but it is also an attractive way for organizations to optimize/increase their employees' purchasing power.

The Covid pandemic has acted as an accelerator for many things. Healthy eating was

already an important focal point before, but now more than ever, it is at the top of the agenda. A healthier lifestyle through exercising more and eating healthier has therefore become a priority for many people. And customers expect retailers to support them in their efforts to live more healthily.

Today Delhaize and Unbox are launching a revolutionary project that can give employees at participating organizations a financial incentive to choose food products with a Nutri-Score A or B. And it is financially attractive for the companies and organizations participating in the program.

Xavier Piesvaux CEO of Delhaize: "Delhaize is on the side of life, and therefore it promotes a healthy lifestyle. As a Belgian pioneer in the Nutri-Score food label, it helps people to make balanced choices every day. Nutri-Score is therefore an integral part of Delhaize's strategic and commercial approach so that customers can enjoy interesting promotions and prices, new products and inspiration for a balanced diet."

Erik Saelens from Unbox: "The concept being launched today is based on the pilot project Healthy Ucoins which Unbox and Delhaize tested successfully at a selection of companies in 2019. The analysis of that pilot project confirmed that substantially more Nutri-Score A and B products were sold when participants received additional discounts on these more balanced products. That is the incontrovertible proof that behavioral reward systems are the future."

This summer, the concept was subject to a tax ruling that made the Healthy Membership Program free from taxes and social security contributions and therefore very attractive to companies and organizations. And that was the signal to roll out the program, as a full project, to all interested companies and organizations.

How does it work?

Any company or organization can enroll in this program. This allows their employees to enjoy a 20% discount when they choose products with Nutri-Score A or B (vegetables, fish, water, etc.) up to a maximum of 60 euros discount per month. The concept is accessible through the Superplus card, Delhaize's loyalty scheme. Participants in this concept can enjoy this discount in all of the 771 Delhaize stores in Belgium. Partena and several large employers have already committed and will start the program in the fall of 2021. Their 10,000 members of staff will therefore already be able to benefit from this extra discount then.

Michel Halet, CEO of Partena Professional: "The Healthy Membership program is an interesting addition for employers who want to give their employees more and healthy purchasing power that makes a real difference in terms of wellbeing and health. It is an optimization that makes a difference to the lifestyle of those individuals within the organization who contribute to the business goal. Partena Professional will also offer this to its own employees, so that we can take good care of our own staff, and together with Unbox and Delhaize we will enable other organizations to do the same."

Interested companies and organizations can find more information on this concept at Healthy Membership Program


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