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Celebrating the Success of UnLitter launch with Indy Eleven!

Indy Eleven Fans Embrace Responsible Waste Management, Collecting 650 Pieces of Litter at Carroll Park.

UnLitter: Revolutionizing Waste Management with Community Engagement
UnLitter: Revolutionizing Waste Management with Community Engagement

UnLitter gained remarkable adoption as Indy Eleven fans showcased their commitment to responsible waste management during a recent game. The UnLitter App, launched in partnership with the team, witnessed an overwhelming response from the crowd. Throughout the event, fans actively participated in the initiative, collectively collecting an astonishing 650 pieces of litter. This remarkable accomplishment not only highlights the power of community engagement and the positive impact individuals can have on the environment, but also emphasizes the power of incentivization and gamification that UnLitter provides.

From the moment the gates opened at 6:20 PM until the crowds dispersed at 9:30 PM, the atmosphere at the game was electric. Fans wholeheartedly embraced the UnLitter initiative, demonstrating their enthusiasm for a cleaner and greener environment. The active and engaged audience set a commendable example for responsible waste management practices.

The success of the UnLitter App launch can be measured by the staggering rate at which fans picked up litter. Over the course of the event, fans using the app collected a piece of trash every 17 seconds. This extraordinary statistic not only reflects the commitment of Indy Eleven fans but also underscores the effectiveness of initiatives that encourage community involvement in reducing the environmental footprint and improving cleanliness at events.

Many users have expressed their excitement about resuming their efforts to build their Ucoin balance. In fact, some fans have even pledged to attend future games solely to continue their contributions towards a cleaner environment.

Download the Unlitter USA app from the App Store or Google Play to get involved and help keep Carroll Park clean. Start making a difference today!


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