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YoungPlanet Sponsors a Litter Picking Geofence in Hackney, London

April 20th, 2023

Illustration YoungPlanet sponsor Hackney Geofence on UnLitter UK App

YoungPlanet, a leading environmentally conscious app for parents, is delighted to announce its sponsorship of a geofenced area in Hackney, London, on the UnLitter app, aimed at incentivizing people to pick up litter. This sponsorship will allow rewards to be earned within the designated area for doing good.

The UnLitter app is a mobile application that empowers users to be rewarded for picking up litter and tracking their progress in their community. The app uses geofencing technology to define areas where users can collect litter and earn Ucoins for doing so. Ucoins can be spent in the app on rewards ranging from discounts or promotional items offered by local businesses and corporate sponsors to unique experiences or opportunities provided by partnering organizations.

Jason Ash, CEO at YoungPlanet, expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with UnLitter, saying, "We are thrilled to collaborate with UnLitter to help encourage litter cleanup and promote environmental pride and sustainability in Hackney. We believe that small actions can lead to significant impacts, and by incentivizing circular business models, we hope to inspire more people to take action in their communities - Hackney is where we started and we are very proud be sponsoring this UnLitter campaign."

Frederick Acton, Commercial Partnerships at Unbox, echoed this excitement, adding, "We are excited to work with YoungPlanet to reward individuals who are making a positive impact on the environment by picking up litter in Hackney. Their sponsorship will help us expand our reach and encourage more people to participate in our mission to keep our communities clean."

The geofence area sponsored by YoungPlanet will encompass Hackney Central, London Fields, and the north bank of Regents Canal. The geofence will be launched for our users on April 25, 2023.

In addition to YoungPlanet's sponsorship, UnLitter has already partnered with Visit Britain to sponsor a geofenced area in County Durham. UnLitter is looking for more organizations and individuals who want to sponsor an area, whether you are a government looking to keep your streets clean, an employer who wants to reward employees for beautifying the workplace, a brand with a strong ESG mission, or even just someone who is fed up with trash on their morning dog walks. UnLitter is a cost-effective way to take action and get all the data to prove the impact.

The end goal is to engage stakeholders in geofencing the entire UK! Download UnLitter in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


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