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WW will distribute the Healthy Membership Program

WW, Delhaize, and Unbox collaborate to encourage healthy habits

WW, Delhaize and Unbox join forces to encourage even more people to eat healthier and more balanced food by making the Healthy Membership Program accessible for Belgian organizations, encouraging their staff to eat a more balanced diet.

Antwerp/Brussels –WW will promote the Healthy Membership Program, a non-taxable

employee perk launched by Delhaize and Unbox, and make it available for its customers.

The Healthy Membership Program will increase purchasing power and promotes a balanced diet, by giving organizations the opportunity to offer their employees a 20% discount on Nutri-Score A and B products.

The Covid pandemic has acted as an accelerator for many things. Healthy eating was already an important focal point before, but is now more than ever, at the top of the agenda. A healthier lifestyle through exercising more and eating healthier has therefore become a priority for many people. And employees expect employers to support them in their efforts to live more healthily.

Read more: Unbox and Foundation Robin join forces to tackle educational inequality in Belgium Today WW is joining this initiative as an official partner of the Healthy Membership Program to its corporate customers. This initiative falls in line with their stated goal to inspire people, families and communities to take on more healthy habits on a daily basis. WW is working intensively with multiple corporations in Belgium and around the world to increase the physical and mental vitality of their employees.

Olivier De Greve, Managing Director of WW Benelux: "The Healthy Membership Program is a unique initiative that aligns perfectly with the principles of WW. It is an extension of the message we have been sending out for a long time about working together to make the population healthier. This partnership ensures that the threshold to a healthier lifestyle is lowered." Erik Saelens from Unbox: "WW is a renowned global wellbeing brand with a genuine dedication to help everyone’s health and wellbeing. It’s truly amazing that we can work together with them and make healthy and balanced food affordable to everyone in Belgium." A tax ruling this summer made the Healthy Membership Program free from taxes and social security contributions and is therefore very attractive to companies and organizations. The program, as a full project, is being rolled out to all interested companies and organizations.

Read more: Delhaize and Unbox launch the Healthy Membership Program

How does it work?

Any company or organization can enroll in this program. This allows their employees to enjoy a 20% discount when they choose products with Nutri-Score A or B (vegetables, fish, water, etc.) up to a maximum of 60 euros discount per month. The concept is accessible through the SuperPlus card, Delhaize's loyalty scheme. Participants in this concept can enjoy this discount in all of the 771 Delhaize stores in Belgium. Partena and several large employers have already committed and will start the program in the fall of 2021. Their 10,000 members of staff will shortly be able to benefit from this extra discount. Interested companies and organizations can find more information on this concept at Healthy Membership Program.

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