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What made our team love working at Unbox in 2021!

Remote working culture in the Unbox team

Read some of the reasons why our team loves being part of Unbox, what motivates them and some stories from the fantastic year we just had.

Unbox Team


"Unbox has allowed me to give talented people the opportunities to really excel and find their skill sets, especially seeing members of our product team, Oliver and Ferdi, joining us in summer as interns, and now becoming full time employees after successful internships."

Unbox Team


"Working at Unbox is made so enjoyable by the ethos of ‘think big’, which doesn’t always get embraced by other organisations, and with our team culture everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the big ideas."

A Unbox anecdote - "With a team from Unbox expanding the business into the U.S, we were stopped not by COVID, but by a storm in NYC causing our flight to land in North Carolina… We emergency landed at 11pm, however we had a 9am meeting in Midtown New York the next morning. No problem for team Unbox, as we drove through the night, through the storm, and rolled into NYC just in time for our first meeting of the day."

Unbox Team


"I’m a father of 2 girls, I find it very important that they grow up in a green, healthy and most important, care-free environment. Working for Unbox is giving me the opportunity to help achieve this. The projects where Unbox works with are in line with what I want for them. Also, every opinion, every idea is important at Unbox."

Unbox Team


"Why I love working at Unbox:

The culture - I like that we are encouraged to think outside the box and that our ideas are all considered and valued.

The Unbox team - Everyone is friendly, motivated and genuine, and wants to do good with the work at Unbox

The projects and work - The work is fun and engaging and the projects are meaningful.

Working remotely - I like that we can work from anywhere in the world, and still feel like one team regardless of this."


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