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Unbox invests in YoungPlanet to give Toys and Parenting Goods Eternal Life with Web3

February 14th, 2023

Erik Saelens (CEO, Unbox), Jason Ash (CEO, YoungPlanet), and Joeri Torfs (CTO, Unbox) discuss the strategy behind the collaboration

There is one more reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day: toys and parenting goods are set to get a full and extended life full of love this year as financial transparency technology company Unbox takes a strategic stake in re-use and re-cycle application publisher YoungPlanet with the ambition to grow its identity management, supply chain tracking, and recycling verticals.

Unbox’s Closed-Loop engine will be added to the YoungPlanet™ mobile application allowing parents to earn YoungPlanet Ucoin® rewards when passing on a toy or parenting good to the next family. This will be made possible by the onboarding of various sponsors onto the YoungPlanet Closed-Loop (eco)system. Unbox will also welcome the almost 200,000 current users of YoungPlanet onto its Closed-Loop platform.

A commonsense platform for the ESG conscious consumer

Erik SAELENS, Founder and CEO of Unbox: “Unbox’s and YoungPlanet’s combined value proposition have tremendous value for the circular economy, a sector in which Unbox is already deeply embedded. It fits our growth strategy in our Re-fuse, Re-use, Re-Pair, Re-Cycle and Re-Invent verticals. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a commonsense platform for ESG conscious consumers and manufacturers to do good, for their own and everyone’s interests. Our USA, Belgian, Indian, African and Middle Eastern teams cannot wait for the roll out these products in their respective markets. Unbox and YoungPlanet are going to bring Toy Story to life!”

Jason ASH, Founder and CEO of YoungPlanet: “Unbox’s investment into YoungPlanet is a strategically transformational event for the supply side of our marketplace. It represents a material advance in both our data capability and our capacity to value, track and nudge the circular economy more broadly. Unbox’s technology and team brings us closer to our mission to declutter the world and prevent unnecessary waste by empowering consumers in their own homes - the combined platform enables you to simply reduce your waste, give your toys, and keep your memories.”

Marc Ferlet (Head of USA), Harry Geisler (Head of MENA), and Sige Marien (Head of Benelux) discuss the market potential for the Unbox YoungPlanet collaboration.

A community tech driven approach

Unbox’s investment into YoungPlanet will allow for the accelerated roll-out of Unbox’s latest stack of identity management software: MyUnbox®. Users of YoungPlanet will be given a MyUnbox wallet that will act as a key to all the applicable Unbox Closed-Loops including the soon to be YoungPlanet Closed-Loop.

Unbox’s community tech has been specifically designed to enable authentic person to person connections. Leveraging cryptography will enable YoungPlanet to provide a vibrant marketplace where parents can exchange toys and other parenting goods in a safe way. This ‘share it forward’ approach translates to parents modeling a sustainable future of consumption for their children. Unbox’s Web3 technology ensures that the memory of the fine moments our children have spent playing with the toy or sleeping in their cradle is forever captured in a unique NFT to every owner. While freeing up the physical object to travel from child to child using earth's resources to their fullest potential.

The integration of Unbox’s behavioral technology in the YoungPlanet ecosystem leads the way towards restoring social fabric and rebuilding better societies.

A revolution in identity management

Thanks to the integration of MyUnbox in the YoungPlanet app, Unbox will begin rolling out its latest software in the field of identity management.

Joeri TORFS, CTO of Unbox: “The Unbox self-sovereign identity solution puts the power of cryptography in the hands of everyone without any of the complexity. The integration of YoungPlanet with the MyUnbox identity solution will unlock a safe, private, yet authentic digital experience for both companies’ users. MyUnbox will unlock access to the Ucoin network where users will be able, through an Unbox Digital passport, to view the lifecycle of a parenting good as it goes from hand to hand bringing joy to the next generation of children who use it. This partnership is not just bringing toys to life but also keeping them alive to be cherished by generations to come.”


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