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Unbox and Partena professional announce distribution partnership for the Healthy Membership Program

Unbox and Partena professional announce distribution partnership for the Healthy Membership Program

Another great step in the effort to make a revolutionary concept for organizations to create extra purchasing power and to encourage their staff to eat a more balanced diet.

Antwerp/Brussels–Following the launch of Delhaize and Unbox’s Healthy Membership

Program, Partena professional will promote and distribute the non-taxable employee perk

to the 400.000 employees of their corporate customers. The Healthy Membership

Program increases purchasing power and promotes a balanced diet. Participating

organizations enjoy a 20% discount on Nutri-Score A and B products.

The Covid pandemic has acted as an accelerator for many things. Healthy eating was already an important focal point before, but now more than ever, it is at the top of the agenda. A healthier lifestyle through exercising more and eating healthier has therefore become a priority for many people. And employees expect employers to support them in their efforts to live more healthily.

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Today Partena professional is joining this initiative as an official distributor of the Healthy Membership Program to the 400.000 employees of their corporate customers. This initiative falls well within Partena professional’s stated goals to support entrepreneurs with the most cutting-edge tools there are.

Michel Halet, Partena professional CEO:"For several years now, we have been living

through the greatest health crisis that mankind has ever known. This has had a major impact on how and where we work. Well-being has been firmly at the top of the agenda of many companies and HR services for several months now. What we often see is that structural solutions have a greater impact on the long-term well-being of an organization than the occasional fruit basket that is delivered. With this project we want to make it easy for entrepreneurs to convert well-being into immediate and long-lasting action.”

Erik Saelens from Unbox: "Partena professional has always been on the edge of innovation

when it comes to pioneering support systems for news ways of working. Having already

partnered with Partena professional’s Deskalot, a marketplace for temporary office space,

we are delighted to continue working together on meaningful projects that benefit all of


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A tax ruling this summer made the Healthy Membership Program free from taxes and social security contributions, therefore very attractive to companies and organizations. The Healthy Membership Program, as a full project, is being rolled out to all interested

companies and organizations.

How does it work?

Any company or organization can enroll in this program. This allows their employees to

enjoy a 20% discount when they choose products with Nutri-Score A or B (vegetables, fish,

water, etc.) up to a maximum discount of 60 euros per month. The concept is accessible

through the Superplus card, Delhaize's loyalty scheme. Participants in the program can

enjoy this discount in all of the 771 Delhaize stores in Belgium. Partena professional and

several large employers have already committed and will start the program in the Fall of

2021. Their 10,000 members of staff will therefore be able to benefit from this extra


Interested companies and organizations can find more information on this concept at Healthy Membership Program.

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