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Unbox and Foundation Robin join forces to tackle educational inequality in Belgium

Unbox’s closed-loop technology will assist Foundation Robin in building a robust structural solution that gives all children in primary and secondary education affordable access to equal opportunities at school.

Since 2019, Foundation Robin has brought schools, parents and suppliers of goods and services to schools together to work on a solution for the approximately 15% of Belgian children who are still academically disadvantaged by poverty. Foundation Robin organizes payment plans for children with their Robin Pass and offers discounts to make school costs affordable for children in the poverty-risk group. More than 10.000 Robin Passes across 98 schools have already been granted with 19 private and public partners.

Unbox provides organizations with a platform to efficiently distribute funding to the intended recipients, guaranteeing the proper use of any funding and protecting it from fraud, slippage and leakage. Unbox has shown the efficiency of its platform on the Belgian market through the Antwerpen Ucoin, where the City of Antwerp used Unbox to inject over 10 million euros of stimulus funding into the local economy. Thanks to the initiative, SMEs in Antwerp reported making up to 90.000 euros extra revenue. Unbox is also behind the Healthy Membership Program, the first and only non-taxable employee benefit that rewards balanced eating.

Foundation Robin will use the Unbox closed-loop platform to distribute essential funding to families under the poverty line securely. Thanks to the targeting capacities of the closed-loop platform, Foundation Robin can guarantee that all the funding it distributes will go directly to providing underprivileged children with access to all the resources they need for a successful education.

Erik Saelens from Unbox: “At Unbox we believe in equal opportunities as the sole guarantee for lasting peace and prosperity. Giving equal and affordable access to education through school supplies and balanced eating is a basic human right for every child. We are proud to assist Foundation Robin in making this happen. The security and targetability of our platform make it attractive for donors big and small, as they have the guarantee that their funding is going straight to the intended goal, supported by verifiable data insights. We look forward to helping Foundation Robin extend its network to all of Belgium.”

Wouter Cauwenbergh from Foundation Robin: “For 15% of children in our country, child poverty limits access to the necessary resources for a successful education. It is a problem that together, as a society, we can solve. It requires engagement, impact, scalability and efficiency and our collaboration with Unbox will help us fill in those requirements.”


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