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The Opportunity Does Not Always Come To You - Sometimes You Have To Go and Get It


2nd November 2023 marked a significant milestone for Unbox as we officially joined the Cardano Blockchain Community at the Cardano Summit 2023 in Dubai. While Cardano has been an integral part of Unbox's journey, building our Infinity Protocol on Cardano for the past 3+ years, implementing 9+ projects across the globe in the last 6 months, raising 8,000,000 Euros in our Series A (you get the picture ). Our presence at the Cardano Summit still managed to raise some eyebrows and shock a few people. Why, you might wonder?

Reason for Shock 1: Unbox thrives (and has thrived) on seeking answers and validation by looking outward, not inward. Real use cases in real market environments, and these are usually not found if you don't leave your backyard. So we left to build something great and seeked only to return until we knew we had something.

Reason for Shock 2: Unbox is one of the largest companies actively building on the Cardano network that no one has heard of, boasting a talented team of 45 individuals, successful projects spanning Humanitarian Aid, Urban Mining and Community Currencies. We're not just developing in the blockchain space anymore, we're executing global and revenue-generating projects (and if we're being honest, this is more of a rarity than we thought in the industry).

The Cardano Summit 2023 has proven how much this ecosystem has to offer, and shown us how much Unbox has to give. We believe Unbox epitomizes the true potential of Web3 technology, promoting transparency, traceability, Self-Sovereign Identity and much more. Unbox will be back next year. Bigger and better than ever!


Unbox Team Embarks on Product/Tech Meetup in Indonesia. On the evening of Sunday, November 5th, the first members of the Unbox team touched down in Indonesia, marking the commencement of our eagerly anticipated Product/Tech Meetup. Throughout the week, the Product Team collaborated closely with the Development and Design Teams to strategize the execution of our roadmap for the next 6 to 12 months, following the successful completion of our Series A funding round.

Monday morning saw the arrival of our colleagues from Java, Nigeria and Serbia, at our villa. Following initial catch-ups and meetings, the teams dove into collaborative work. The benefits of in-person collaboration became evident as we swiftly identified and addressed bugs that might have otherwise gone unnoticed for weeks in an entirely online setting. Thursday morning brought the arrival of the design team, injecting excitement into the process as we explored enhancements to elevate user experience.

A week of intensive iteration, research, and development concluded with a light-hearted evening of bowling, providing a relaxing atmosphere for the team to unwind before their respective departures. In total, 11 colleagues hailing from 8 different nationalities participated in our Product/Tech Meetup, significantly streamlining our roadmap delivery process. The experience was both enriching and productive, and we eagerly anticipate the next edition!


Between November 15th and 17th, 2023, Unbox made its mark at the Singapore Fintech Festival, showcasing its innovative offerings on the global stage. Courtesy of Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT), Unbox found itself in distinguished company, rubbing shoulders with leading Fintech startups and established industry players.

Represented by James Angle (Chief Product Officer), Joeri Torfs (Chief Technology Officer), and Lotte van Dijck (Chief Finance Officer)—Unbox not only presented its cutting-edge solutions but also engaged in meaningful discussions and collaborations.

Throughout the week, Unbox left an indelible mark at its inaugural appearance at the Singapore Fintech Festival. Engaging with potential clients, assessing market dynamics, and participating in insightful talks, masterclasses, and panels featuring influential figures from the likes of BlackRock, Microsoft, HSBC, and more, Unbox truly seized the opportunity to immerse itself in the heart of Fintech innovation.

The festival served as an exceptional platform for networking, allowing Unbox to not only make its presence felt but also to establish meaningful connections within the Fintech space. As we bid farewell to 2023, these newfound connections and opportunities, alongside the expertise of our leadership team, pave the way for a promising start to 2024, propelling Unbox into a future defined by collaboration, innovation, and continued success in the ever-evolving Fintech landscape.


In a pivotal stride towards amplifying its impact on humanitarian aid, Unbox were recently invited to the prestigious AidEx Summit. Held amidst the serene landscapes of Geneva, this global gathering served as an ideal platform for Unbox to showcase its dedication to revolutionizing humanitarian efforts through innovative technological solutions.

The conference, a convergence of leading minds and organizations committed to shaping a better world, provided an unparalleled opportunity for Unbox to demonstrate its groundbreaking initiatives in the realm of Humanitarian Aid. With a team driven by a passion for leveraging technology for societal good, Unbox seized this moment to unveil its pioneering projects.

Amidst engaging discussions, thought-provoking panels, and insightful workshops, Unbox's representatives shared their expertise, shedding light on the company's impactful endeavors spanning Humanitarian Aid. Displaying our commitment to transparency, traceability, and the advancement of Self-Sovereign Identity.


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