Unbox Group Partners With Rebuild & Relief International To Facilitate Essential In Camp Provision

Unbox Group and international NGO Rebuild & Relief International (RRI) have agreed to form a new partnership called Unbox HumanAid in the form of a Joint Venture. Unbox HumanAid will focus on providing a solution to get purchasing power more effectively and accurately to the people who need it.

Finding support in RRI’s multi-decade long wealth of operational expertise in crisis areas like Iraq and Syria, Unbox Group plans to launch a pilot cash assistance project consisting of small, locally owned shops near affected IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps in HTR (Hard To Reach) areas as the first pilot project of its kind. In these camps, basic and essential services are to be provided and priced in Ucoin®, which will allow the people in the camps to get more purchasing power and hence more goods. The Unbox e-learning system will also facilitate various e-learning solutions for the children and adults in the camps.

"We are thrilled to partner with RRI who have such a wealth of experience in the humanitarian aid field across the Middle East and Africa. Their dedication to helping those people in need while upholding the strictest standards of integrity will prove to be of immense value to Unbox HumanAid, but most importantly, to those we seek to help.” - Erik SAELENS, Unbox founder

Unbox will utilise its proprietary closed-loop value exchange system to advance humanitarian aid. Unbox and RRI will achieve this by minimizing losses, so that more essential goods and services can be provided to the most affected local communities and hence facilitate access to basic needs. With this new partnership, Unbox wants humanitarian aid money to be further improved using its closed-loop system.

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Unbox Group to continue our important mission. I look forward to the benefits of Unbox’s closed-loop value exchange system being applied to humanitarian aid and basic education in the field. After 20 years in theatre, I can honestly say this is one more step in the right direction and might be a milestone in cash aid assistance interventions in worldwide humanitarian aid crises.” - Arndt FRITSCHE, Managing Director at RRI

About Unbox Unbox Group is a software company specializing in reward and recognition systems for everyone in order to create responsible purchasing power. Unbox’s ambition is to do Well by doing Good, which for this project means easier access to basic needs.

About RRI RRI is an international NGO which is specialized in Hard To Reach crisis areas in Middle East and Africa. RRI has been operating in Iraq for the last 17 years and in Syria for 3 years. RRI is specialized in providing aid in emergency response, resilience, stabilization and development interventions in post or current crisis areas. More information on www.rri-ngo.org